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Investing in India

February 2, 2021

New Delhi, India

India being the world’s largest democracy and the second fastest growing major economy has all the factors to emerge as the most favourable manufacturing giant. These favourable conditions range from higher disposable incomes, emerging middle class, low cost but competitive and skilled workforce, educated youth to less language barriers which can automatically attract investors.

However, despite these odds, India over the decades has failed to make the mark among the leading manufacturing hubs. Foreign investors face an array of complexities in establishing and continuing a business in India. Not only do they consider the laws and regulations to be stringent but also face other issues like lack of infrastructure and political stability.

The attached Booklet developed by LNA firm Lex Favios, provides comprehensive regulations and sector specific guidelines with respect to investing in India.  Please address questions to:

Sumes Dewan, Managing Partner
Lex Favios

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Investing in India

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