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LNA's first global conference in London, 18-21 May 2017

Legal Netlink Alliance's inaugural global conference has strengthened cross border relationships

June 5, 2017


Legal Netlink Alliance's global conference in London on 18-21 May brought together 180 members and guests from 29 countries from North America, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Japan, Russia and Europe.

The first wholly global conference celebrated nearly 20 years of the alliance and provided delegates with the opportunity to discuss the challenges they face when working across borders for their clients. 

Speakers and working groups covered a wide range of topics including the importance of the rule of law to our societies, the many challenges presented by the UK leaving the EU, the importance of understanding cultural differences when working in other countries and the exciting opportunities presented by increased globalisation of the legal market. 

Tim Langton, Senior Partner at the host firm Goodman Derrick LLP commented:

“The conference presented us with a unique opportunity to cement our professional global alliance. We left the conference with both a better understanding of the challenges which we face as lawyers and business people and the strategies to address those challenges.”

Albrecht Prestel, president of the European chapter and Jay Frank, president of the US chapter of Legal Netlink Alliance commented:

"It is clear that our clients are often borderless in their outlook and so this network is a crucial part of how we help provide our clients with the legal assistance they require across jurisdictions. It allows us to provide our clients with access to trusted and friendly advisers from around the world."

LNA members are not affiliated in the joint practice of law; each member firm is an independent law firm and renders professional services on an individual and separate basis.