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Dyulgerova & Penkova

Dyulgerova & Penkova Law Firm was established in 2000 consolidating the two named partners' successful practices for more than 20 years.  The law firm aims to satisfy the requirements of its clients by providing them with a full range of high quality legal services with a clear focus on business law. Our team is highly specialized in the field of infrastructure and construction law and provides legal assistance and advice with regard to some of the biggest infastructure projects in Bulgaria.  The capability to ensure comprehensive tailored legal solutions with a high level of personal attention is our main asset bringing success.

Primary Practice Areas

  • Construction
  • Business - Corporate
  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Real Estate
  • Litigation


  • 9 Hristo Belchev Street, fl.2
  • Sofia
  • Bulgaria

Contact Information

Contact 1:
Contact 2:
Phone: (+359)2 986 7885
Fax: (+359)2 986 7865
Email: info@law-dp.com
Web: www.law-dp.com


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