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Landslog - Law Offices

Landslog's principal goals are to provide legal services in the highest quality available anywhere and to be an instrumental part of each client’s success. We seek long-term, partnering relationships with the clients, to the end of providing the best total solution to the client's legal service needs. Therefore, Landslog has emphasized on having a close-knit relationship on a personal basis with its clientele. Landslog typically handles all legal affairs of their clients rather than working on case-to-case basis. Our forte is to offer the service of very experienced and skilled lawyers with extremely outstanding connections within the judiciary, local authorities, government and businesses.

Primary Practice Areas

  • Administrative Law
  • Banking
  • Business - Corporate
  • Contracts
  • Litigation


  • Borgartun 26
  • 5th floor
  • Reykjavik, 105
  • Iceland

Contact Information

Contact 1:
Contact 2:
Phone: +354 520 2900
Fax: +352 520 2901
Web: http://www.landslog.is

LNA members are not affiliated in the joint practice of law; each member firm is an independent law firm and renders professional services on an individual and separate basis.