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Lipa Meir & Company


Lipa Meir & Co., established in 1987, specializes in the provision of high quality legal services in all areas of civil law. The firm’s work force consists of a legal staff of 83 highly experienced lawyers, supported by qualified interns and a professional administrative team. The firm’s full range legal services, offered to Israeli and to non-Israeli clients alike, encompasses a diversity of areas, including corporate, tax law, insolvency, banking and financing, insurance, real estate, high-tech, labor law, infrastructure projects and Intellectual property, as well as representation in different courts and legal tribunals.


Departmental Division

Dr. Lipa Meir, founder and managing partner, and Adv. Zuriel Lavie, are the firm’s senior partners. The firm’s practice is divided into five principal departments, each focusing on a specific field of expertise and covering the entire spectrum of activities within its area: a commercial department headed by Adv. Uzi Mor; a litigation department headed by Adv. Alon Pomeranc; a real estate department headed by Adv. Israel Aziel; a tax department headed by Adv. Yossi Elisha; and a labor law department headed by Adv. Shabtai Michaeli.


The firm also prides itself with its sub-specializations, including cross border transactions, high-tech, intellectual property, tenders (including technology and IT projects, PFI, BOT projects etc.), infrastructure and project financing, environmental law and health law.


Areas of Specialization

Corporate Law: The firm has vast experience in the domestic and international markets in commercial and corporate law, in the context of which it provides legal advice to the country’s leading businesses. The diversification of our lawyers enables us to provide our clients with a full package of advice in all transactional aspects, ranging from corporate finance and corporate governance through anti-trust and taxation and culminating in regulatory and labor issues.  

Litigation: The firm handles civil, commercial and administrative litigation in a wide spectrum of areas, in all tiers. The firm also represents defendants in white collar proceedings.

Real Estate: The firm has vast knowledge and experience in all areas of real estate, including transactions for purchase, sale and leasing of real estate, construction projects, planning and licensing procedures, planning and construction offences, project financing and ownership disputes.

Tax Law: The firm’s tax department renders advice in diverse aspects of taxation, i.e. income tax, real estate tax and VAT, and the various aspects thereof. Work practice includes specialization in handling all tax avenues including tax planning, obtaining pre-rulings, representation before the tax authorities, litigation, mergers and acquisitions and complex real estate transactions.        

Labor Law: The firm renders advice in various aspects of labor law: drawing up collective bargaining agreements; representing employees and employers in all tiers of labor court, specific consultancy in pension law, active participation in current legislation on the aforementioned subjects etc.

Technology: The firm has various clients in a range of areas in the new economy and supports high-tech companies in various technological sectors in all stages of development, ranging from establishment and raising capital from investors and VC funds, through day-to-day commercial activities in Israel and abroad, to various exit stages.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency: The firm is renowned and in a national leader in receivership, liquidations, stay of proceedings, debt restructuring and refinancing of companies in financial difficulties, its specialization not stopping at rendition of legal advice and engaging in related litigation but also focusing on all business aspects of such complex proceedings.   

Health Corporations: The firm has a particular specialization in health corporations (health funds, hospitals and the like), supplementary health insurance, tenders for medical equipment and devises, health legislation, health regulation etc.


The firm is a party to a collaboration agreement with the Italian firm, Emmeplus, with several branches worldwide, and is a member of the international association of law firms Legal Netlink Alliance.    


Dr. Lipa Meir, Zuriel Lavie, Israel Aziel, Alon Pomeranc, Uzi Mor, Amir Bartov, Yossi Elisha, Gary Copelovitz, Gad Azor, Erez Dar-Lulu, Yariv Shalom, Raz Navon, David Weinstein, Eyal Zalikha, Shabtai (Shabi) Michaeli, Osnat Sarusi-Firstater, Roy Aiz.


Of Counsel

Dr. Yehuda Ben Meir

Dr. Irit Mevorach


2 Weizmann St., Tel Aviv 64239

Tel: 972-3-6070600 Fax: 972-3-6070666



Primary Practice Areas

  • Business - Corporate
  • Litigation
  • Real Estate
  • Tax
  • Labor and Employment
  • Technology and Science
  • Bankruptcy
  • Health Care


  • 4 Itamar Ben Avi Street
  • Tel Aviv, 64376
  • Israel

Contact Information

Contact 1:
Phone: +972-3-6070600
Fax: +972-3-6070666
Web: www.lipameir.co.il

LNA members are not affiliated in the joint practice of law; each member firm is an independent law firm and renders professional services on an individual and separate basis.